About Us


It is with immense pleasure and pride that we present ourselves as the Premier Institution of Vivekananda Vidyavardhaka Sangha (V.V.S.) formerly known as Puttur Education Society(P.E.S.) and which, together, has almost a century’s history having been established in 1915 itself. Puttur Education Society established Vivekananda College  in the year 1965 with a view to provide need-based quality education blended with spiritual, ethical and social values which the patron-saint of the institution, Swami Vivekananda advocated during his lifetime. It was also the aim of the founding fathers of the institution that the cultural tradition of this country is not sacrificed at the altar of globalised and changed educational demands.  The goal of the institution is to make the younger generation understand the importance of the tenet of the Upanishad as re-told by the Swamiji -“Arise, awake and stop not till the goal is reached!” The Puttur Education Society, now V.V.S., has grown in strength with the passage of time and is now sponsoring as many as fifty six institutions including professional, technical and teacher-training colleges.


The College is located in the outskirts of Puttur town beside Mysore – Mangalore State Highway, spread over a sprawling campus of nearly 50 acres dotted with green vegetation. Modern requirements like banking,  internet, telephone service are provided inside the campus so that the students, especially the hostellers, are not put to inconvenience because of the distance from the town. City and mofussil bus services are available in the vicinity of the college campus ensuring good transport facility to the day – scholars and to the visitors.


“A graduate of Vivekananda college will be civilised, principle – centred, endowed with a strong self -esteem, and concern for fellow beings and the environment, besides being confident, competent and employable.”


“Vivekananda College will strive to provide models of value practices, offer opportunities for learning and development, create infrastructure for interventions including those for preservation of environment and organise competence enhancement programmes, through able management and committed members of the staff, with the assistance of other stake holders.”