About Alumni:

Our Alumni Associations was formed in 1970 and has been functioning ever since. Several thousands of students have passed through our institutions and we are proud of their achievements. Some of them have been Government Officials at the highest level, Administrators, Bankers, Educationists, Professors, Teachers, Chartered Accountants, Industrialist, Entrepreneurs, Exporters, Social Workers, Politicians, Progressive Farmers and Artists.


Alumni Activities:

Our Old students Association has been registered in the name-“HiriyaVidyarthigalaSangha, Vivekananda College, Puttur, D.K” with the Registrar of Societies, Mangalore. As per the Byelaws, an Executive Committee has been duly constituted with the following Office Beaurs.

Dr. H.M Bhat, Principal           –        Hon-President-(Ex-Officio)

Mr. K.C.Prabhu                          –        President

Mr. Deviprasad K N                  –        Gen.Secretary

Mr. Subhashchandra Rai         –        Org. Secretary

Mr. Narayan Bhat S                  –        Treasurer

Following Honorary Posts have  been created and co-opted:

Sri V.V.Bhat                                  –        Vice-President

Dr. ThalthajeVasanth Kumar    –        Vice-President

Dr. Ashwini Krishnamurthy      –        Vice-President

It was decided  that larger group of Old Students who have been a part of the initial contribution and those who were nominated/whose names were suggested by others in the earlier meetings will continue as Special Invites.


  1. Approval of yearly report;
  2. Approval of Auditor’s report of Income and Expenditure Account for the year 2013-14;
  3. Registration of new members;
  4. Formation of new Governing Council;
  5. Role of ex-students in the Golden Jubilee Celebrations.



  1. It is resolved to approve the annual report for the year 2013-14;
  2. It is resolved to approve the Auditor’s report of Income and Expenditure Account for the year 2013-14;
  3. It is resolved to register maximum number of ex students as members of the HiriyaVidyarthigalaSangha;
  4. It is resolved to continue the existing Governing Council for one more year 2014-15;
  5. It is resolved to donate the expenditure [3 Crores] of the P G Block as a token of Golden Jubilee Celebrations

Contribution to Vivekananda Hiriya Vidyarthigala Sangha can be sent by accounts transfer [ Acc.No: 8613101000238  Canara Bank,  Nehru Nagara, Puttur, IFC Code: CNRB0008613 ]


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